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Writing Arabic in Photoshop, Adobe Flash and Illustrator

By on January 07, 2014 in Arabic writing , Blog

How to write Arabic in Photoshop.

Writing Arabic correctly in Adobe Flash, Illustrator or Photoshop can be extremely frustrating; the letters either come through disjointed or reversed in order.

When I first start learning Arabic I used to create words in vector art manually from a huge and messy Illustrator file, letter by letter .

There are now few great solutions to help you write Arabic in Adobe products correctly.

The low tech and foolproof way is to use ‘Write Arabic in Photoshop’ brought to you by Arabic Keyboard.

Just paste in the Arabic text you need (or even just randomly type and you can see how it reorders the letters correctly)

But this method can still cause unexpected problems with Adobe Flash. To key is to use a relatively new feature called TLF text (Text Layout Framework) which brings a load of new text editing and formatting options compared to the Standard Text option

So what do you think?

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