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By on December 18, 2014 in Blog , Learn Arabic

Imagine if people were scared of the word ‘kitten’.

It’s silly right? Why would these English letters scare somebody?

In the current political climate it feels like the world is becoming scared of writing.

Yes we see horrific news stories involving flags with Arabic writing nearly daily but now many people equate a writing system used by 220 million people with a handful of bad guys.

That’s insane.

My name is Bob Byrne and I created ArabicQuick!

The very first time I saw Arabic writing was on a Kit Kat wrapper and it blew my mind!

I was ten years old. I asked every adult and teacher I could find about it, searching for the elusive answer:

“How the hell can these beautiful little squiggles be taught, learned, recalled, written and understood?”

Nobody could tell me. Or I was given a brush off answer like ‘It’s just the way they write’

I carried the Kit Kat wrapper in my pocket for what felt like months tortured by curiosity, staring at the fading and fluid lines of Arabic script…. Then I probably got absorbed in a NES game and forgot all about it.

As my career as a comic book artist and writer rumbled along I became intrigued with language as pictures; telling stories with pictures only: without words.

When I achieved my dream of becoming a comic artist I dug up another impossible childhood goal: to crack these ´impenetrable´ languages and writing systems.

I started with Japanese, check it out here, I can teach you to read your first word of Japanese in 30 seconds.

ArabicQuick! aims to teach people how to read and write Arabic in just one day.

Our flagship product is Arabic Alphanoidz – a mnemonic system which uses unforgettable cartoon characters to lock the letters of the Arabic alphabet into your brain forever.

Stay tuned.

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