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The Simpsons in Arabic

By on January 08, 2014 in Arabic Fun , Learn Arabic

The Simpsons in Arabic

Learning a new language with The Simpsons is a proven and fun way to rapidly increase your learning power. I learned Spanish by watching The Simpsons in Spanish with Spanish subtitles.

It’s a shame that the Arabic version of The Simpsons is very hard to find online as it would be a great way to learn Arabic.

The Simpsons in the Arab World is Al-Shamshoon (In Arabic, الشمشون)

It premiered the first night of Ramadan in 2005 but was cancelled after 34 episodes.

Bart was renamed Badr and Homer changed to Omar.

Homer Simpson’s ubiquitous Duff beer is a soda in the Arab version of the show.

Moe’s Bar was completely written out of  the Arab version of The Simpons.

Besides big changes such as removing all references of Christianity and Judaism, the adapted show suffered from differing creative opinions. Al Jean the show runner was not a fan.

A great retrospective of the Arabic version of The Simpsons here

And a goofy non existent piece of Simpsons propaganda here

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