Press Release November 10th 2016

Arabic Quick: the complete guide to learning to read and write the Arabic alphabet features: Animated writing guides, audio phrasebook and several quiz types.

Arabic Quick is a new app created by Bob Byrne, founder of Dr. Moku; an educational app publisher whose flagship products have helped 100,000’s of beginners learn to read basic Japanese in one hour.

“There has never been a better time or a greater need for an accessible, plain speaking guide to learning Arabic.” explains Byrne, a professional comic artist by trade.

“I have been interested in learning Arabic for years…since I saw a Kit Kat wrapper with Arabic writing when I was young to be exact! It blew my mind. There are many fantastic apps and resources already out there but none were just right for me. So I built Arabic Quick.”

The Free app, available for both Android and iOS is full of unique features:

● Animated writing guides so you actually see how each letter is written.
● Color coded examples with audio so you can see how the letter joins the surrounding letters.
● Reading, Writing and Listening quizzes.
● Cheat Sheet Charts so you can quickly find the sound you need.
● Offline audio phrasebook: invaluable if you are travelling.

“The current global climate is a little odd to say the least…the apps were released the day Trump won…” Bob explains. “There is a lot of irrational fear not just about Islam but also about the Arabic writing system!”



“People are scared of Arabic writing…the first step to combatting ignorance is to show people how Arabic works and even get them to speak a few words. With the Arabic Quick app you can do this in a few minutes.”

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