PRESS RELEASE 6th March 2014

 “It’s like the whole world has gone mad” exclaims Bob Byrne, creator of Arabic Alphanoidz.

Valletta, Malta: “It’s like the whole world has gone mad!” Bob Byrne exclaims, creator of Arabic Alphanoidz. “Imagine if people were scared of an inoffensive word like ‘kitten’. It’s silly, right? Why would these English letters scare anybody?

“In the current political climate it feels like the world is becoming scared of writing.

“Yes, we see horrific news stories involving flags with Arabic writing nearly daily. So now many people equate a writing system used by 220 million people with the actions of a handful of bad guys.

“That’s insane.”

Byrne created this new learning system to allow people with no interest in languages to learn Arabic in just one day or less.

“Arabic is hard to learn but I remember being a kid in the 80’s and being able to effortlessly rattle off all of the Star Wars and He-Man characters because each one interested me. Good guys and villains. Robots, Goofballs and Bounty Hunters. Each Alphanoid represents one or more Arabic letters and just by reading their story, you will remember the name and sound of the letter forever.”

“I suppose the modern day equivalents are Pokemon or Skylanders – most kids can tell you everything about them. Imagine if each one represented a letter in a strange language. Just by playing with them they would effortlessly learn.”

Byrne, a professional comic artist and writer originally from Dublin, Ireland continues:

“I love Howard Stern but last year he really jumped the shark for me when he spoke about how ‘Arabic writing is scary…looks like daggers and blood’. Well, just Google ‘Arabic letter ta’ and see how scary it is! It´s a cute little smiley face.

“I really think the world could be a little less crazy if languages were more accessible like this.”

With the Arabic Alphanoidz app you will be able to read and write Arabic in one day or less.

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