Learn the Arabic letter Ya

You will also see this letter transliterated as Yaa or Yaa’.


The Arabic letter Ya is a Moon Letter.

How the Arabic letter Ya is written

How the Arabic letter Ya is pronounced

Ya is the counterpart of the English letter Y but also makes sounds similar to ee and i.

Ya is one of the three letters  Alif ( أ ), Wow ( و ), Ya ( ي )  that might be either a consonant or a vowel letter.

Basic Sample words of Ya in different states


Word examples using the Arabic letter Ya with diacritics

Consonant Ya could come at the beginning, middle or at the end of a word and it represents all four kinds of sounds:


Ya with a fatha: ( يَـ ) ( ـيَـ ) has a soft sound like:

– Ya in Yahoo

– ye in Layer


Or it might have a gruff sound like:

– Yu in Yummy

– You in Young

– ye in Lawyer


Ya with a kasra: ( يِـ ) ( ـيِـ ) sounds like:

– Ye in Yellow or Year

– ye in Employee


Ya with a damma: ( يُـ ) ( ـيُـ ) sounds like:

– Yo in You or Yoga

– yo in Toyota


Ya with sokoon: ( ـيْـ ) ( ـيْ ) sounds like:

– i in Voice

– y in Boycott

– y in Day or Boy


Vowel Ya comes either at the middle or the end of the word. It always come with sokoon and the letter before it always come with a kasra:

Medial vowel Ya sounds like ee in “Week” or “Green” or like ea in “Beach” or ei in “Weird”.



Final vowel Final vowel Ya sounds like ee in “Free” or like y in “Body” or ey in “Valley”.


** Vowel Ya is also an extra tool that might be added to the end of the nouns to refer to the possessive adjective (my).


Isolated form of Ya has a unique shape.

But the Initial and Medial forms of Ya ( يـ ) ( ـيـ ) is similar to the letters Noon ( نـ ) ( ـنـ ), Ba ( بـ ) ( ـبـ ), Ta ( تـ ) ( ـتـ ) and Tha ( ثـ ) ( ـثـ ).


The Isolated (and Final) Ya looks like the shape of a duck or a swan.


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