Learn the Arabic letter Wow

You will also see this letter transliterated as Waaw.


The Arabic letter Wow is a Moon Letter.

How the Arabic letter Wow is written

How the Arabic letter Wow is pronounced

Wow is the counterpart of the English letter W but also can make sounds like O and U.

Wow is only connectable to the letter before (the letter to the right)
Wow is one of the three letters Alif ( أ ), Wow ( و ), Ya ( ي ) that might be either a consonant or a vowel letter.

Basic Sample words of Wow in different states


Word examples using the Arabic letter Wow with diacritics

Consonant Wow could come at the beginning, middle or at the end of a word and it represents all four kinds of sounds:

Wow with a fatha: ( وَ ) ( ـوَ ) has a soft sound like:

– Wa in Wax

– wa in Allowance


Or it may have a gruff sound like:

– Wa in Wallet

– Wha in What

– wa in Swan


Wow with a kasra: ( وِ ) ( ـوِ ) sounds like:

– We in Wedding

– Wi in Wizard

– we in Halloween


Wow with a damma: ( وُ ) ( ـوُ ) sounds like:

– Wo in Wood or Woman

– wo in Network


Wow with sokoon: ( ـوْ ) ( ـوْ ) sounds like:

– w in Down

– u in South

– w in Now


Vowel Wow usually comes at the middle of the word.

It always come with sokoon and the letter before it always come with a damma:

Medial vowel Wow sounds like:

– oo in Spoon or Balloon


Plural Wow sounds like:

– ow in Yellow or Tomorrow

– ue in Blue

** You might also see a final vowel Wow in some words. It comes at the end of the verbs to refer to the plural pronoun “They”. In this case an extra silent Alif is added to it to be distinguished.


** Wow serves an additional functions in Arabic. It is the only letter that has a meaning when it’s written on its own: Wow with a fatha ( وَ ) is “wa” which means the word “And”.


Wow ( و ) has a banana-like shape, like the twins Ra ( ر ) and Zay ( ز ). And it can also be considered as a part of drawing the letter Qaf ( ق ).


Wow looks exactly like number 9.


And Wow! Let me congratulate you, because you only have one letter left to learn.


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