Learn the Arabic letter Thoh

You will also see this letter transliterated as Thau, Thaa’, Zaa’.


The Arabic letter Thoh is a Sun Letter.

It follows the same basic shape of Toh but with a dot on top.

How the Arabic letter Thoh is written

How the Arabic letter Thoh is pronounced

Thoh is the sound-mate of the letter Thal ( ذ ) and makes a gruff Th sound that is not really found in English.

To pronounce Thoh correctly you must press your tongue against your upper gum area, right where the gum meets your upper teeth and then make a T sound.

Basic Sample words of Thoh in different states

Thoh is connectable to both sides. It takes these three forms depending on its position in the word:


Word examples using the Arabic letter Thoh with diacritics

We’ve learned the letter Thal ( ذ ) should only represent three kinds of sounds. All of them are soft and it doesn’t produce a gruff sound when it comes with a fatha. On the other hand, Thoh represents another three similar sounds, but all of them are gruff.


And like Thal, you could say that Thoh is also the counterpart of the English (TH) but technically,that would be wrong because its degree of gruffness doesn’t really exist in English words.
Thoh with a fatha: ( ظَـ ) ( ـظَـ )


Thoh with a kasra: ( ظِـ ) ( ـظِـ )


Thoh with a damma: ( ظُـ ) ( ـظُـ )


Thoh with sokoon: ( ـظْـ ) ( ـظْ )


Toh and Thoh look like the previous twin Saad and Daad but with some differences.


Toh and Thoh have the exact shape of the first half of Saad and Daad. It’s like a sharp-end Alif that fell on a Saad or a Daad and split it in a half!


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