Learn the Arabic letter Thal

You will also see this letter transliterated as dhāl or dhaal


The Arabic letter Thal is a Sun Letter.

It has the same  basic shape of Dal but with a dot on top.

How the Arabic letter Thal is written

How the Arabic letter Thal is pronounced

The letter Thal represents the other sound that the English (TH) produces (Other than the one explained in letter Tha) as in “The” or “Other” or “This”.

Basic Sample words of Thal in different states

Thal only connectable to the letter before (the letter to the right). It takes these three forms depending on its position in the word


Word examples using the Arabic letter Thal with diacritics

Thal also represents only three sounds. It is always soft and it doesn’t have a gruff sound when it comes with a fatha.

Thal with a fatha: ( ذَ ) ( ـذَ ) has a soft sound like:

– Tha in That

– Tho in Without


Thal with a kasra: ( ذِ ) ( ـذِ ) sounds like:

– Thi in This

– Thi in Clothing


Thal with a damma ( ذُ ) ( ـذُ ) sounds like:

– Tho in Those


Thal with sokoon ( ـذْ ) ( ـذْ ) sounds like:

– Th in Withdraw


Dal and Thal are another twins or shape-mates. But Dal doesn’t have a dot.


Dal and Thal look like a Right angle (90 degrees). But make it 80 to be perfect!


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