Learn the Arabic letter Tha

You will also see this letter transliterated as Thaa’.


The Arabic letter Tha is a Sun Letter.

Tha looks like a Ta that has added an extra dot on top of the two first ones.

How the Arabic letter Tha is written

How the Arabic letter Tha is pronounced

Tha is the counterpart of the English sound of the unvoiced “th” as in three and think which is pronounced by putting the tongue between the teeth then blowing air out.

Basic Sample words of Tha in different states

Tha is connectable to both sides. It takes these three forms depending on its position in the word:


Word examples using the Arabic letter Tha with diacritics

Tha is one of the Arabic letters which represents three kinds of sounds and all of them are soft. It doesn’t have a gruff sound when it comes with a fatha.

Tha with a fatha: ( ثَـ ) ( ـثَـ ) has a soft sound like:

-Tha in Thanks

-Tha in Methanol


Tha with a kasra: ( ثِـ ) ( ـثِـ ) sounds like:

– Thi in Think Thief

– Thi in Mythic or Nothing


Tha with a damma: ( ثُـ ) ( ـثُـ ) sounds like:

– Tho in Thought

– Tho in Method


Tha with sokoon: ( ـثْـ ) ( ـثْ ) sounds like:

– Th in Athlete

– Th in Math or Health


Tha ( ث ) is the twin sister of Ba ( ب ) and Ta ( ت ).


Tha has Three points that are placed like one of the Three Egyptian Pyramids.


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