Learn the Arabic letter Ta

You will also see this letter transliterated as Taa’.


The Arabic letter Ta is a Sun Letter.

Ta follows the basic shape of Ba but has two dots on top instead of one underneath.

How the Arabic letter Ta is written

How the Arabic letter Ta is pronounced

Ta is the counterpart of the English letter T that is pronounced by having the tip of the tongue pressed against the top of the mouth right behind the front tooth then slightly pushing air to separate the tongue and upper mouth. Every time this letter is spoken, the tip of the tongue should touch the upper part of the mouth.

Basic Sample words of Ta in different states

Ta is connectable to both sides. It takes these three forms depending on its position in the word:


Word examples using the Arabic letter Ba with diacritics

Ta is one of the letters that only represent three kinds of sounds and all of them are soft.

It doesn’t have a gruff sound when it comes with a fatha.

But do you know which letter does? It is Toh ( ط ), the sound-mate of Ta ( ت )

Ta with a fatha: ( َتَـ ) (ـتـ ) has a soft sound like:

– Ta in Tan

– Ta in Metal


Ta with a kasra: ( تِـ ) ( ـتِـ ) sounds like:

– Te in Team

– Te in Ten

– Ti in Dramatic


Ta with a damma: ( تُـ ) ( ـتُـ ) sounds like:

– To in Tour

– To in Top

– To in Motor or Dotor

– Tu in Tunisia


Ta with sokoon: ( ـتْـ ) ( ـتْ ) sounds like:

– T in Matrix

– T in Test or Internet


The final form of Ta can also come as Ta Marbootah which can also be transliterated as tâ’ marbûta or taa’ MarbooTah and it means “Closed or Tied Ta”.

Arabic words ending in Ta Marboota are usually of feminine gender.

This form is also pronounced as “T” when orally linked to the following word while it’s just pronounced as “h” if the word is separately read (The word is said by itself).

This letter’s position is always final and it often stresses the feminine gender ie. Ta Marboota is used to indicate in most cases the feminine names, adjectives or nouns.

This form is used when the noun belongs to something or someone.

This letter is written in two different ways which is either as a joined letter, if the letter next to the last is linked to the following one (a connector) or as an isolated final letter, if the preceding letter is not linked to it (a non-connector)



Ta ( ت ) is the twin sister of Ba ( ب ) and Tha ( ث ). But looks like it has a better relationship with Tha!


The Initial and Medial forms of Ta (and its twin sisters) look like the connected forms of a letter called Noon ( ن ).


Initial Ta ( تـ ), Medial Ta ( ـتـ ), Initial Noon ( نـ ), Medial Noon ( ـنـ )


Ta Marbootah looks like a combination of Ha(ه) and Ta (ت). It always comes at the end of the word.


Ta looks exactly like the smiley face that you use in chat and social media.


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