Learn the Arabic letter Qaf

You will also see this letter transliterated as Qaaf.


The Arabic letter Qaf is a Moon Letter.

It follows the same basic shape of Fa but with an additional dot.

How the Arabic letter Qaf is written

How the Arabic letter Qaf is pronounced

Qaf is one of the letters that doesn’t really have a counterpart in English.


The next Arabic letter Kaf represents the sounds of q and k but let’s agree to show Qaf a little mercy and consider it the counterpart of the letter Q.

It can actually be pronounced like a k with the tongue farther back.

Basic Sample words of Qaf in different states

Qaf is connectable to both sides. It take these three forms depending on its position in the word:


Word examples using the Arabic letter Qaf with diacritics

Qaf is a gruff letter that only represent three gruff sounds. It never sound soft when it comes with a fatha.
Qaf with a fatha: ( قَـ) ( ـقَـ )



Qaf with a kasra: ( قِـ) ( ـقِـ )

– remember to keep the gruffness even when it is with a kasra. Or else, it would turn into a Kaafy.


Qaf with a damma: ( قُـ) ( ـقُـ )

– Like in the name of the holy book of Muslims ( Quran ). “Quran” should also begin with a gruff Qaf not a soft Kaf. It is written as ( قُـرآن ) not ( كُـرآن )


Qaf with sokoon: ( ـقْـ) ( ـقْ )

– The Final form might sound close to “knock knock” or “truck”. But still, it need a bit more gruffness to be perfect.


Fa ( ف ) is the shape-mate of the next letter Qaaf ( ق ). They might look a bit different in the Isolated form. Where Fa has a straight base but Qaaf has a circular base.

But they are very similar in the connected forms especially the Initial ( فـ ) ( قـ ) and Medial ( ـفـ ) ( ـقـ ) forms. As you can see, the difference is only in the number of dots.


Qaf also look like number 9 with a circular extension to the left side


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