Learn the Arabic letter Meem

You will also see this letter transliterated as Miim.


The Arabic letter Meem is a Moon Letter.

How the Arabic letter Meem is written

How the Arabic letter Meem is pronounced

Meem is the counterpart of the English letter M which is pronounced by pressing the lips together and making a sound blowing air out of the nose.

Basic Sample words of Meem in different states

Meem is connectable to both sides. It take these three forms depending on its position in the word:


Word examples using the Arabic letter Meem with diacritics

Meem with a fatha: ( مَـ ) ( ـمَـ ) sounds like:

– Ma in Man

– ma in Woman


Or it may have a gruff sound like:

– Ma in Mars

– Mo in Month

– ma in Demand


Meem with a kasra: ( مِـ ) ( ـمِـ ) sounds like:

– Me in Mechanic

– me in Semester


Meem with a damma: ( مُـ ) ( ـمُـ ) sounds like:

– Mo in Mobile or Motor

– mo in Lemon


Meem with sokoon: ( ـمْـ ) ( ـمْ ) sounds like:

-m in Number

-m in Dream or Program


The Isolated form of Meem ( م ) doesn’t have Look-a-likes. But the Medial form ( ـمـ ), look a bit like the Medial form of the twins Fa ( ـفـ ) and Qaf ( ـقـ ). And also the Medial form of the twins Ayn ( ـعـ ) and Ghayn ( ـغـ ) in some fonts.


Meem is written in two parts, an o shape connected to a part that looks like a reversed L


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