Learn the Arabic letter Kha

You will also see this letter transliterated as 7’aa’ or Khaa’


The Arabic letter Kha is a Moon Letter.

It has the same basic shape of Hha after adding a dot on top.

How the Arabic letter Kha is written

How the Arabic letter Kha is pronounced

Kha is also one of the letters that doesn’t have a counterpart in English. Non-Arabic speakers usually pronounce it with a sound similar to the English letter K. But K is the counterpart of a different Arabic letter called Kaaf ( ك ) or the combination KH.


Kha also exist in the Spanish language; in the Spanish “J” in the name “Juan”. It also exists in German, as in the German pronunciation of the “ch” of “Zurich”.
Another close example is the hard ‘ch’ sound in Loch Ness.

Basic Sample words of Kha in different states

Kha is connectable to both sides. It takes these three forms depending on its position in the word:


Word examples using the Arabic letter Kha with diacritics

Kha also represents all four kinds of sounds. But unfortunately, since it doesn’t have similar sound in English, we can’t provide pronunciation examples in English.


These are the different cases:

Kha with a fatha: ( خَـ ) ( ـخَـ )

– Might be soft or gruff.




Kha with a kasra: ( خِـ ) ( ـخِـ )


Kha with a damma: ( خُـ ) ( ـخُـ )


Kha with sokoon: ( ـخْـ ) ( ـخْ )


Jeem (ج), Hha (ح) and Kha(خ) are twin sisters or shape-mates.


Drawing the isolated form of any letter of this group starts with a part that looks like the English number 7 with an extra extension to the right side.

Wait a second… They look exactly like the English number 2. But rotated 180 degrees!


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