Learn the Arabic letter Kaf

You will also see this letter transliterated as Kaaf.


The Arabic letter Kaf is a Moon Letter.

How the Arabic letter Kaf is written

How the Arabic letter Kaf is pronounced

The Arabic letter Kaf represents the sounds of q and k and even c which is pronounced by briefly preventing air from leaving the vocal tract when the back of the tongue lifts and presses against the soft palate at the back of the mouth. The sound is aspirated when the air is released.

Basic Sample words of Kaf in different states

Kaf is connectable to both sides. It take these three forms depending on its position in the word:


Word examples using the Arabic letter Kaf with diacritics

Kaf is the soft sound-mate of the Qaf. It only represent three sounds and all of them are soft. It doesn’t have a gruff sound when it comes with a fatha.

The word “Car” or “Company” can’t represent Kaf because they have gruff sounds. They are closer to the sound of Qaf.


Kaf with a fatha: ( كَـ ) ( ـكَـ ) only has a soft sound like:

– Ca in Cat

– ca in Academy



Kaf with a kasra: ( كِـ ) ( ـكِـ ) sounds like:

– Ke in Keep

– ke in Market


Kaf with a damma: ( كُـ ) ( ـكُـ ) sounds like:

– Co in Cool

– co in Scoop


Kaf with sokoon: ( ـكْـ ) ( ـكْ ) sounds like:

– c in Doctor

– k in Bank


Kaf ( ك ) looks a bit like the next letter Laam ( ل ). But Kaf has a straight base and Laam has a circular base.


Kaf is a Right angle (90 degrees). It looks like a giant Dal ( د ) holding a Hamza ( ء ).


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