Learn the Arabic letter Ha

You will also see this letter transliterated as Haa’ or Heh.


The Arabic letter Ha is a Moon Letter.

How the Arabic letter Ha is written

How the Arabic letter Ha is pronounced

Ha is the counterpart of the English letter H.

Basic Sample words of Ha in different states

Ha is connectable to both sides. It take these three forms depending on its position in the word:


Word examples using the Arabic letter Ha with diacritics

Ha represents all four kinds of sounds. (Please note that English doesn’t actually have many words that contain medial and final Ha sounds)


Ha with a fatha: ( هَـ ) ( ـهَـ ) has a soft sound like:

– Ha in Hat or Has

– ha in Rehab


Or it might have a gruff sound like:

-Hu in Husband or Hundred


Ha with a kasra: ( هِـ ) ( ـهِـ ) sounds like:

– Hi in His

– He in Head


Ha with a damma: ( هُـ ) ( ـهُـ ) sounds like:

– Ho in Hope


Ha with sokoon: ( ـهْـ ) ( ـهْ ) sounds like:

– h in Blah. OR like h in Bahrain.


Ha has different and unique forms. This is tricky: the final form of Ha ( ـه ) looks exactly like the feminine glyph Ta Marbootah ( ـة ).
There’s a trick to determine whether a letter is a final Ha or a Ta Marbootah which is that you can actually make Tanween to a Ta Marbootah but not to a Ha so a letter ending with a final Ha with sokoon would not sound right after attempting to add a tanween and people familiar with Arabic language would easily point that out.


Ha is very fun to write. The Initial ( هـ ) form is like roller coaster track. And the Medial ( ـهـ ) form looks like number -8-


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