Learn the Arabic letter Ayn

You will also see this letter transliterated as 3ayn.


The Arabic letter Ayn is a Moon Letter.

It has a basic shape that is common for the two letters; Ayn and Ghayn.

How the Arabic letter Ayn is written

How the Arabic letter Ayn is pronounced

This glyph and its shape-mate Ghayn ( غ ) are considered two of the most difficult Arabic sounds for new students to master.

You really have to train yourself to learn how to pronounce Ayn. It is a guttural a sound produced from the back of the throat.

To avoid confusion between Alif and Ayn, in many sources you will find the letter Ayn represented by the number 3.

Basic Sample words of Ayn in different states

Ayn is connectable to both sides. It takes these three forms depending on its position in the word:


Word examples using the Arabic letter Ayn with diacritics

Ayn with a fatha: ( عَـ ) ( ـعَـ ) has a soft sound close to the soft Alif in “Add”.


Ayn with a kasra: ( عِـ ) ( ـعِـ )


Ayn with a damma: ( عُـ ) ( ـعُـ )


Ayn with sokoon: ( ـعْـ ) ( ـعْ )


Ayn ( ع ) and Ghayn ( غ ) are shape-mates.

The connected forms of Ayn ( ـع ) ( ـعـ ) and Ghayn ( ـغ ) ( ـغـ ) might look a bit similar to the connected forms of Hha ( ـح ) ( ـحـ ) and Kha ( ـخ ) ( ـخـ ) in some fonts.


Ayn ( ع ) and Ghayn ( غ ) look like a reversed number 3.


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