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Howard Sterns thoughts on Arabic writing

By on December 31, 2014 in Arabic in the news , Uncategorized

“It looks like drawings of daggers and blood…”

Howard Stern vs. A Writing System

First of all let me stress: I am a huge Stern fan. I’ve only missed a handful of shows since he moved to Sirius in 2006. He is a huge part of my daily life and besides making me laugh until I cried the show has taught me some real life lessons.

But 2014 for me will be remembered as the year that Howard Stern jumped the shark.

His appearance on Americas Got Talent, his annoying wife and their constant campaigning to raise money for kittens and the decision not to replace comedian Artie Lange after he left the show…these factors and more really turned me off.

I get it. It’s a reality show of sorts and the changes in his real world have lead to a tamer, happier and reserved man. He is now an elder statesman. The evolution is remarkable. But the fans want Miserable Howard.

The final act which made me fall out of love with Stern was his August 11th 2104 comments about Arabic.

Play the audio above if you missed it. (I bleeped out the f-bombs)

He calls it a “weird scribble they use for a language” which is fair enough…it DOES look weird at first sight. But his following comments about it looking angry and scary…man…he couldn’t be more wrong.


This is the Arabic glyph “ta”.

How angry or scary does it look to you?

Was that your reaction to seeing Arabic calligraphy for the first time?

Howard has manned up and recanted his reactionary comments directly after 9/11 and I hope now that he is studying art and broadening his horizons he can come to see that Arabic is just as goofy and fun as he is was.

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