Greetings and Introductions

How to say hello in Arabic: Greetings and Introductions

Even if you don’t know anything else except “Hello” “Good Morning” and “Good Evening” in Arabic, you will at least be able to show people that you are friendly, respectful and polite.

This goes a long way in any language, not just Arabic! Besides putting people at ease, it shows that you are making the effort to try learn their language and most people will really appreciate that.

Check out Wikihows page on how to say hello in Arabic for more info.

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صباح الخير

sabaahul khayr

Good morning

مساء الخير

masaa’ul khayr

Good afternoon

مساء الخير

masaa’ul khayr

Good evening

أراك لاحقا

araaka laahiqan

See you later (addressing male)

أراكي لاحقا

araakee laahiqan

See you later (addressing female)

أراكم لاحقا

araakom laahiqan

See you later (addressing plural)

كيف الحال؟

kayfal haal?

How are you?

حسنا، شكرا

hasanan, shokran

Fine, thank you


wa ant?

And you? (addressing male)


wa antee?

And you? (addressing female)


wa antom?

And you? (addressing plural)

ما إسمك؟

ma ismok?

What’s your name? (addressing male)

ما إسمكي؟

ma ismokee?

What’s your name? (addressing female)

ما أساميكم؟

ma asaameekom?

What’s your name? (addressing plural)

ما إسمه؟

ma ismoh?

What’s his name?

إسمي …

ismee …

My name is…

سعدت بلقائك

so”idtu beleqaa’ek

Nice to meet you (addressing male)

سعدت بلقائكي

so”idtu beleqaa’ekee

Nice to meet you (addressing female)

سعدت بلقائكم

so”idtu beleqaa’ekom

Nice to meet you (addressing plural)

كم عمرك؟

kam ”omrok?

How old are you?

كم عمركي؟

kam ”omrokee?

How old are you?

ما هي أعماركم؟

ma heya a”maarokom?

How old are you?

عمري … سنة

‘omree … sanah

I am…years old

من أين أنت؟

min ayna ant?

Where are you from?

من أين أنتي؟

min ayna antee?

Where are you from?

من أين أنتم؟

min ayna antom?

Where are you from?

أنا هنا للدراسة

ana hona ledderaasah

I’m here studying

أنا هنا للعمل

ana hona lel”amal

I’m here working

أين تسكن؟

ayna taskon?

Where do you live? (addressing male)

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