Arabic Words and Phrases

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Welcome to Arabic Quick’s free and open learning resources.

Here you will find 100’s of Arabic words and phrases starting with the very basics and then moving into specific areas like small talk, relationships, dealing with money and travelling in the Arab world.

An overview of available words and phrases:

The Essentials: Basic stuff like “yes” and “no”. Greetings and Introductions. Make yourself understood and Colors.




Express yourself: Talk about the weather and make small talk. Talk about your family and say which country you come from.

في بلدي ليس لدينا هذا!

fee baladee laysa ladayna haatha!

In my country we do not have this!

Please note that these Arabic words and phrases are in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).

We hope to gradually expand the library into Egyptian dialect. There is much debate over whether you should learn MSA or a dialect such as Egyptian. We plan to cater for both but for now we have decided to start with MSA.

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