Learn the Arabic Alphabet in one day.


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Arabic is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn.

This app will destroy that misconception.

The Alphanoidz system targets every tricky aspect...


Learn Auto-magically

The Alphanoidz system uses visual mnemonics.

Learn effortlessly just by looking at each character.

Mnemonics rock.

The Dr. Moku Mnemonic apps have helped over 250,000 people to memorize the Japanese alphabets in just one hour.

Arabic Alphanoidz aims to drastically reduce the amount of time newbies spend figuring out the Arabic alphabet.

Animated writing

Learn how to write Arabic script

Arabic calligraphy is a beautiful but intimidating at first look.

It can be hard to distinguish where one letter starts and the other one begins.

We have created animated versions of each Arabic glyph and detailed animated samples of words.

This app will shave weeks off your learning time

Watch your tongue!

Learn new sounds rapidly

Some Arabic sounds don’t exist in English…

Alphanoidz is the only application to feature detailed animations of how and where you need to position your tongue to make these sounds and which part of the throat they come from.

Epic Beefs!

Friends, enemies and rivals...

A huge stumbling block when learning Arabic is the incredible similarity of some glyphs.

We have solved that problem.

Every Alphanoid has a back story; some are bitter rivals and are intent on destroying their counterparts.

By memorizing these rivalries you will never confuse them.

Okay...dont cheat.

If you tried the demo, which is ‘wow’?


When will the app be available?

We will use Kickstarter to fund the development and release of the first app. Most of the content and designs are ready. The amount raised by the Kickstarter will determine how many cool features we can cram in.

When will the crowdfunding start?

Get on the mailing list and we’ll drop you a line to let you know.

Will I be able to read, write and speak Arabic with this app?

The app teaches you to read and write basic Arabic, further updates will include the complicated diacritics and a phrasebook for you to learn words and sentences. What usually take weeks if not months can now be accomplished in a day or less.

Who is this app for?

The system is perfect for complete beginners of all ages or those who are struggling to memorize the Arabic alphabet.

Where will it be available?

We will focus on releasing a free iOS app which will contain a few Alphanoidz and then the remaining ones and the Battle/Quiz modes will be an in-app purchase. Then we will release for Android, Mac App, Steam and maybe even a printed book or comic!

This looks cool but does it actually work?

Yep! In preliminary tests we saw one ten year old boy achieve 75% recall in just 20 minutes. We have received a little criticism from a couple of snooty scholarly types for being too ‘over the top’ but that is part of the attraction; Arabic Alphanoidz is unashamedly bombastic.

Can I help test the app?

Yes of course! Get on the mailing list and we’ll include you in the test group.

I’m an educator, how can I get my students involved?

We love connecting with classrooms. Please get in touch.

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We don't spam. We just rock.

We don't spam. We just rock.

We don't spam. We just rock.

We don't spam. We just rock.