Learn the Arabic Alphabet in just one day?

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  • •  Use memory tricks to remember the Arabic alphabet
  • •  Learn to write Arabic letters with animated quides
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A new way to learn Arabic?

Arabic Alphanoidz is a completely new way to memorize the Arabic Alphabet: each letter is tied a memorable cartoon character.

Follow their stories and learn automagically; your brain will have no choice but to remember!


Learn the Arabic alphabet FAST!

There is no denying the beauty of Arabic calligraphy but this intricate writing system is also very intimidating for beginners.

But what if you could learn and memorize the Arabic Alphabet in just one day?

ArabicQuick! teaches through mnemonic memory devices, animated guides and spaced repetition techniques.


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Why is Arabic so hard to learn?

Some sources say that Arabic is the hardest language for English speakers to learn. Everything is subjective but yes, it is very complicated at first.

Besides the mind boggling writing system which is written right to left, it comes down to the fact that many of the sounds found in Arabic do not exist in English.

All of our learning systems include audio and interactive writing guides.

How long does it take to learn Arabic?

Some people say 1-2 years of frequent studying will bring you up to a basic conversational level and to become fully fluent takes between 4-6 years. These estimates are reasonable but these are based on traditional learning methods.

Our learning systems can have you reading, writing and speaking basic in just one week. We don't claim to make you fluent in a week but we give you a huge head start and the confidence to keep learning.

Why learn Arabic?

Arabic is the official language of over 20 countries. There are 300 million native speakers of Arabic.

There is a HUGE demand and TINY supply of Arabic speakers from the Western world.

Besides career opportunities in diplomacy, intelligence, business, engineering and academia, learning Arabic gives you a passport an amazing world of culture and beauty.

What is ArabicQuick.com?

Here at ArabicQuick! we create learning systems and educational content to help complete beginners master the first vital steps of learning written and spoken Arabic.

You can learn over 1000 Arabic words and phrases for free by signing up for our newsletter.

Our first product is Arabic Alphanoidz followed by the web app version of ArabicQuick!

What are Arabic Alphanoidz?

This mnemonic learning system is aimed at 12 to 35 year olds.

Each letter is represented by a memorable action figure/alien/monster and by learning the steps of their stories you will automatically learn the Arabic Alphabet.

It is inspired by our love 1980´s toy lines such as Battle Beasts, M.U.S.C.L.E and Transformers.

What are mnemonic memory tricks?

Any learning device which helps you retain information can be called mnemonics. They can be songs, rhymes, pictograms etc.

A famous example is ´Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain´ to help remember the colours of the rainbow.

Our learning systems use memorable combinations of sounds, images and puns to lock Arabic into your brain and allow you to recall it effortlessly.

My name is Bob Byrne and I created Arabic Quick.

The first time I saw Arabic was on a KitKat wrapper and it blew my mind! I was 10 years old and I remember thinking "How can anybody learn to read, write and speak this?!"

Well, trust me, you CAN learn Arabic quickly. It´s hard but it´s my goal to make it easy for you.

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